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            seen in past
            90 days


            cookies + devices
            matched to each person

            With Conversant’s help, Crate&kids was able to recognize and
            with their customers at unprecedented levels.

            The Challenge

            As families grow, their buying behaviors and home addresses often change. Which made it a challenge for the company to reach back out to their customers when, for instance, a baby outgrew its crib and needed a new toddler bed.

            In addition to the usual challenge around each consumer using multiple devices, Crate&kids' customer base also trends higher than average for using Safari browsers and iOS mobile web and apps. Since Safari rejects third-party cookies, any ad partner that relies on them to recognize and match consumers would miss out on a huge percentage of Crate&kids customers.


            Conversant’s cross-device recognition and reach worked like a dream.

            Our Solution

            This, plus our proprietary matching technology—building a single view of every consumer, across their devices and over their lifetimes, using cookies and transactional data (both online and off)—drives match rates that far exceed the industry average. So instead of treating each cookie or device as a different person, we’re able to link multiple devices back to a unique individual, eliminating wasted ad dollars.

            Our ability to personalize the ads seen by these verified consumers, across all of their devices, means that we can hit them with relevant messages, driving strong conversions.

            "Conversant is able to reach and reengage our customers with unprecedented accuracy,
            allowing us to target the most relevant messages at the right times in the purchase funnel."

            –Joe Orlando, Director of Marketing at Crate&kids

            The Results

            Of those matched customers—whom we connected to an average 14 cookies and devices each—we saw 89% of them within 90 days. Because we have such a deep understanding of them, built from our highly accurate, online and offline consumer data, we were able to serve them personalized creative that commanded attention and drove conversions. 1,500 unique creative iterations were served each month.

            When it comes to beautiful, trendy home goods for kids, The Crate&kids leads the industry. And when they need to nurture their customer relationships and maximize their incremental return on ad spend, they rely on another industry’s leader: Conversant.



            Crate&kids is a leading catalog, web and retail company based in Morton Grove, IL, specializing in exclusively designed, high quality baby and children's furniture, bedding, decor and accessories.